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Extruded Aluminum's 176,000 square-foot facility boasts state-of-the-art extrusion presses and quenching technologies that ensure computer-controlled pressure, temperature and dimensional accuracy. Our presses range from 1,750 to 4,500 tons, with cross-section capabilities of up to fifteen inches. These presses allow us to maintain extremely tight tolerances.

Our extrusion capabilities are as follows:

   4,500 Ton Press
12 Inch billet diameter
Hollows: 15 inch circle size
Shapes: 17 inch circle size
Puller system
Water quench system

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   3,000 Ton Press
10 Inch billet diameter
Hollows: 8.5 inch circle size
Shapes: 10 inch circle size
Water quench system

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   2,300 Ton Press
9 Inch billet diameter
Puller system
Water quench system
6061, 6005, 6063, 
6082, 6105, and 6463
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   Circle Size:

17 inch maximum (Shapes)
16 inch maximum (Hollows)


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   Run Out Tables:

Our run out tables extend to 160 feet.


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   Precision Cutting

Computer controlled press saws and finish saws enable us to make precise cuts in lengths ranging from 1 inch to 48 feet.


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   Cooling Systems:

Air fans, water spray, and water tanks.


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   CAD Technology:

Our engineers use advanced CAD technology to meet exact customer specifications. We use computer-aided engineering and analysis software to test material stress and die performance to ensure superior product quality. We also provide a FTP site for customers to send large CAD files to us.


Hardness Chart (72K PDF)

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Extruded Aluminum Corporation
7200 Industrial Drive
Belding, MI 48809
Phone: (616) 794-0300
Fax: (616) 794-0879
Email: eac@extrudedaluminum.com