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frequently asked questions


Q - What is the largest product you can extrude?
A - We have the ability to extruded aluminum products up to 48 feet long and 17 inches wide. For more detailed information view our Extrusion Capabilities.

Q - What is the difference between solid, semi-hollow and hollow shapes?
A - Solid shapes have no enclosed spaces, similar to channels or flat stock. Hollow shapes contain a minimum of one enclosed space, such as a pipe. Semi-hollow dies have partially enclosed spaces, an extremely tight channel is an example of this.

Q - How do you determine your standard tolerances?
A - We reference the Aluminum Association standard tolerances book and chart. This shows us what the standard allowable industry tolerances are.

Q - Do I own the die after paying a die service charge?
A - The die service charge allows your company exclusive use of your custom profile. This will remain this way as long as your company remains in good financial standing. Should a die wear out or break, Extruded Aluminum Corporation is responsible for the maintenance of such die.

Q - Can the design of my extrusion be changed after the die is cut?
A - A very minor change may be possible, however discussions with our engineering department at (or 616-794-0300 ext.115) will have to be made. If it is possible to make the change a small fee may be charged. More significant changes may potentially require a new die.  A signed die approval print and purchase order must accompany it to proceed. 

Q - Why have I received a die drawing requesting my approval?
A - You are being asked to approve the dimensions, details, tolerances and surface conditions of the extrusion to be produced. By signing the approval print you are accepting the profile as drawn, along with the surface finishes, if noted other than “mill” finish. This is your final chance to indicate any changes prior to the die being cut. For more information, view our Terms and Conditions.

Q - What is your minimum wall thickness?
A - 0.060, anything thinner must be reviewed by our engineering department by contacting, or calling 616-794-0300 ext. 115. Additionally, you can send us a copy of your design through our Free Quote Request Form.



Q - Why do you need packaging information during the quotation stage?
A - By providing us with this information you are helping us make sure you get the material delivered to your company in the best condition possible and therefore avoiding any potential quality situations that may cost both our companies valuable time. For more information view our Free Quote Request.

Q - Why do you need the length during the quotation stage?
A - We have four (4) extrusion presses. Once we know the length we are better able to determine which of our presses your product will run on most efficiently. This allows us to provide you company with the most competitive pricing our company can offer. For more information view our Free Quote Request.

Q - Why do you need the alloy during the quotation stage?
A - This is a very important piece of data to ensure proper die design at our die maker. By having this information the die will be built to allow proper die life. Also, by knowing the hardness you are requesting we can determine which extrusion press will best meet your needs. For more information view our available Alloys and Tempers.

Q - Do you supply samples?
A - Yes. On custom shapes we provide samples of 3 pieces at 3 feet long each at no charge on the first run. We do not provides samples on stock dies.

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